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Indicator Jigs


Superior Plant Rentals introduces our “Flange Indicator Jig”. Built to obtain a flatness reading on flange surfaces more cost efficiently than installing a flange facing machine to achieve the same purpose. The Indicator Jig can be installed quickly and safely by two technicians without the use of rigging or lifting equipment. It has all the available hardware to mount on the inside diameter of flanges, in the tube sheet holes of ex changers, or on the pass partition plates of channel or water boxes. It can check run-out on flanges up to 120” in diameter. Should your project require performing multiple read outs or involve setting up a costly machine to indicate a surface, consider Superior’s Indicator Jig to improve the cost, logistics and safety to accomplish the task.


  • Adjustable tension on travel
  • Safely installed
  • Reduced set up time
  • Eliminates costly rigging equipment
  • Accurate reading
  • Size Range 16” - 120”
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