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Exchanger Mills


Superior’s Lightweight Exchanger Mills were built with the end user in mind. Designed to machine pass partitions and pass grooves on tube heat exchangers, with the ultimate goal of reducing weight, without sacrificing performance. The precision ball rails used in the design produce a very smooth and efficient travel on the spindle slide and on the mill base. Pneumatic motors are used to drive the spindle and linear feed which allows the mills to be used in more applications. Because of their lightweight design, these mills can be easily installed into position. Except for rare instances, such as placing the mill upside down, etc. these mills can be safely hand lifted into place by two technicians.


  • Lightweight design helps mitigate and eliminate lifting equipment, pinch points, and back strain
  • Mills are easier and safer to set up because of the lightweight box tubing design
  • Jobs can be completed faster and more efficiently than commonly used bulky milling machines
  • Jobs are completed with less physical demands on the technicians
  • Rail design produces a smooth and precise feed operation
  • Pneumatic motors allow use in more applications
  • Base feed is controlled with a variable feed valve to optimize end mill tool life and cutting efficiency
  • Every mill comes complete with all the necessary tooling needed to set up and run the mill
  • Air hose with control valve and oiler provided
  • Collets for shank sizes from 3/8” thru 1” diameter in 1/8” increments provided
  • Hold down “toe clamp” set provided
  • Multiple key stock shims provided
  • Lifting cables provided for use when needed for elevated work • Enclosed shipping crate provided with each mill
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